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Shared Notes: Chapter 1 from Al Ghazali on Patience and Thankfulness


The following tid-bits are merely small attempts to share some of the great knowledge obtained from this work. It’s always best, if you can, to purchase the book in order to support and encourage more English translations of seminal Islamic texts:)

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Returning to Allah: Muhammad Abdul Latif Finch

Muhammad Abdul Latif Finch speaks to Mspiration about strengthening our attachment to Allah. Continue reading

Focusing The Heart: Yasmin Mogahed (Part One)

Yasmin Mogahed had a big year. The Egyptian American writer and lecturer delivered stirring faith-building lectures and presentations to audiences in America, Asia and Europe. Continue reading

Welcome to Mspiration


Asalamu Aleikum

Welcome to Mspiration. This small portal is intended, with Allah’s grace and favour, to be a humble avenue for knowledge that can benefit us all in this fast paced world. Continue reading