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Focusing The Heart: Yasmin Mogahed (Part Two)

signing books at United for Change2

In the final part of our interview, Yasmin Mogahed describes some of the stories behind her written work, her creative process and tackling the sticky issues of love and depression. You can read part one here. Continue reading


Nader Khan : Capturing a State

Nader Khan

Canadian singer- songwriter Nader Khan discusses the art and challenges of composing devotional music. Continue reading

Dr Bilal Philips: On Gratitude


Islamic Online University Chancellor Dr Bilal Philips speaks to Mspiration on ways to instill more gratitude in our lives. Continue reading

Setting Goals: Monique Toohey

Monique Toohey

Pioneering Australian Muslim psychologist Monique Toohey offers Mspiration sage tips on how to achieve our goals and living a more fulfilling life.

Continue reading