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Making a Point: Alia Gabres


Credit: Nour Abouzeid

Speaking to Mspiration before her appearance as part of the Aspire 2 Inspire Conference, acclaimed spoken word poet Alia Gabres recalls how she discovered the art form and how it gave her a sense of belonging. Continue reading


Still Angry: Aamer Rahman


Australian standup comic and Fear of a Brown Planet star Aamer Rahman speaks to Mspiration about how his humour is fueled by anger and making friends laugh.

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Reflections of an Outlaw: Mutah “Napoleon” Beale

Mutah Beal 3

Former Outlawz rapper Mutah  “Napoleon” Beale speaks to Mspiration about growing up from tragedy and life with slain rapper Tupac Shakur to experiencing the contentment of faith. Continue reading

You Need The Humour: Maysa Abouzeid


Australia’s Maysa Abouzeid speaks to Mspiration about how blindness didn’t get in the way of  becoming a touring comic and acclaimed theater performer. Continue reading

All in the Details: Ahmad Sabra

Ahmad Sabra

Picture by Ross Holmberg on (

Melbourne photographer Ahmad Sabra speaks to Mspiration about his suite of Gaza images nominated for the Soya Qantas Spirit of Youth Awards.

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