Leadership Qualities of the Prophet Muhammed: Zac Matthews


Zac Matthews is the founding director and instructor of Australia’s Deen Academy. The Sydney based organisation regularly produces papers and seminars/webinars on topics relating to faith, ethics, society and community engagement. A teacher and trainer in the Islamic Sciences for more than two decades, Br Matthews speaks to Mspiration about  five key leadership qualities The Prophet PBUH excercised during his life.

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Comedy is a shared experience: Nazeem Hussain


Australian comic Nazeem Hussain speaks to Mspiration about his new television sketch show Legally Brown and looking at the brighter side of life. Continue reading

Giving Voice: Randa Abdel-Fattah


Australian award winning Author Randa Abdel Fattah speaks to Mspiration about the power of story and the inspiration behind her award winning novels.

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The Competitor: Jamal Ud-Din El-Kiki


Mspiration catches up with Australia’s Jamal Ud-Din El-Kiki in Dubai as he prepares to compete in The Dubai International Holy Quran Award.

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Green Reflections: Ibrahim Abdul-Matin


Mspiration speaks to Ibrahim Abdul-Matin about his book Green Deen, the New Yorker’s delivers a rallying message on how Muslims can save the environment. Continue reading

Shared Notes: Imam Tahir Anwar on Patience


Addressing last year’s Sacred Path of Love conference in Singapore, American scholar Imam Tahir Anwar addressed the packed auditorium about the virtues of patience. Mspiration was there and below is an abridged version of his address.


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Connections: Eugenia Flynn


Indigenous rights activist Eugenia Flynn explains how her Aboriginal heritage strengthens her faith and her first curated arts exhibition. Continue reading