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A look back on Mspiration’s early interviews


From left to right: Mspiration interviewees Yasmin Mogahed, Mustafa Fahour, Nader Khan and Hanan Dover.

Alhamdulilah, Mspiration has been running just over a year and the site has been blessed with interviews with truly inspirational people. From developing our faith and art to bettering our mental health and overcoming adversity, the Mspiration subjects have given us plenty of insights to savour and reflect on. For those recently discovering the site, here are few quotes from earlier interviews.

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Doing the Difficult: Monique Toohey


Picture by Ahmad Sabra

Australian psychologist and Without You author Monique Toohey returns to Mspiration to unpack the challenges of leaving an abusive relationship.

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Enter The Silence: Shaykh Ebrahim Schuitema


South Africa’s Shaykh Ebrahim (Etsko) Schuitema speaks to Mspiration about the importance of silencing the mind and doing the “inner work.”

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Jumaa Time Out: Remember That You Exist

Jumaa Time Out: Remeber That You Exist

Click on the image for the interview with Muhammad Abdul Latif Finch.



Click on the image for Mspiration’s interview with Dr Bilal Philips

The Chaplain: Ibrahim J. Long


American chaplain Ibrahim J. Long speaks to Mspiration about finding his faith and helping people in the depths of their suffering.

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Leadership Qualities of the Prophet Muhammed: Zac Matthews


Zac Matthews is the founding director and instructor of Australia’s Deen Academy. The Sydney based organisation regularly produces papers and seminars/webinars on topics relating to faith, ethics, society and community engagement. A teacher and trainer in the Islamic Sciences for more than two decades, Br Matthews speaks to Mspiration about  five key leadership qualities The Prophet PBUH excercised during his life.

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